A reader wrote a review of the Pajaro Bay books some time ago, and her words have always stuck with me. She said that in each Pajaro Bay novel, a person comes to the village and is somehow healed by being there.

That has never been more true than in Sunshine Cottage. I have never written about a heroine who is more in need of healing and redemption than Teresa Soto.

This young woman has never had a break in her life. She is an afterthought, a discard, a person only used by her own family to make money for them. She has lost the most valuable thing a human being can possess: hope.

But then she meets a world-weary cop. She says of him: “Though he had lived twice as long as she had, he hadn’t given up on the idea there was something better than this.” And in this young woman, the cop sees not only a person who deserves a second chance, but perhaps the daughter he never had. So he offers her a helping hand—and a ticket to Pajaro Bay.

What will this cynical, unbelieving girl think when she lands in the postcard-perfect little village with its quirky characters—and a prince charming out of a fairy tale? Will she become a part of the community, and build a new life for herself?

(Big spoiler: it’s Pajaro Bay—of course she will! But there will be a lot of danger along the way. The bad stuff she’s trying to escape isn’t going to let go that easily.)

I hope you enjoy following along on Teresa’s journey, and, in a time when our own world can sometimes feel as hard and cynical as hers, you also find a feeling of renewal and happiness in this little visit to the world of Pajaro Bay.

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