Hallie thought amnesia was a soap opera plot–until it happened to her. Now she has to figure out what happened during the missing hour of her life–or her best friend could end up dead in Boardwalk Cottage.

Boardwalk Cottage was actually the first Pajaro Bay novel I wrote (though it was released second). It was the very first book I ever submitted to a publisher, and the first time I was encouraged to become a professional writer. So it’s always been near and dear to my heart. I worked at a classic beachfront amusement park one memorable summer as a teen, and that is what gave me the idea to set a mystery there. I had such a good time revisiting my summer by the sea when I wrote Boardwalk Cottage. And Kyle Madrigal may be right: behind the flying saucer in the haunted house is the best place to steal a kiss (not that I have any personal experience with that or anything…).