Reading Order

I’ve been asked about the reading order for the Pajaro Bay stories, so here are my thoughts:

The novels can be read in any order, but there are little details that show the passage of time. So if you want to read them chronologically to see how all the many characters grow over the course of the series, the order would be:

1) The Honeymoon Cottage takes place first
2) Under the Boardwalk mostly stands alone–it was the first book I ever wrote, but was released second!
3) In Deep Water (originally released as “Shadow’s Lady”)
4) Driving Ms. Maisy
5) Dashing Through the Surf

The short stories fill in details in between, so they can be read chronologically as:

1) My Funny Valentine (after Under the Boardwalk)
2) A Christmas Miracle in Pajaro Bay (after Shadow’s Lady)
3) Home Improvement (after The Honeymoon Cottage)
4) Halloween Hullabaloo (after The Honeymoon Cottage & Shadow’s Lady)
5) A Winter Wedding in Pajaro Bay (after Halloween Hullabaloo & Driving Ms. Maisy)
6) Beach Blanket Bijou (join the mailing list for this one)
7) Baby, It’s Cold Outside (coming soon!)