You’re invited to a winter wedding!

But this isn’t going to be the typical well-planned event. This wedding will have to be arranged in one day, and everyone in the village will need to help if there’s any chance at all to pull off A Winter Wedding in Pajaro Bay:

“The road out of town is closed, Hector. We’re stuck here in Pajaro Bay.”

“I know,” he said. Those wide, guileless brown eyes stared back at her. “But we’ll just get married when it opens again. We agreed to elope to Vegas. I don’t know why you’re crying.”

“You don’t understand!” She was really trying not to be a hysterical bridezilla about this. But he really didn’t get it. He knew all she’d ever wanted for her wedding day was to get married on the winter solstice, the shortest and most sacred day of the year. Didn’t he understand what it meant to her?

That was her fantasy wedding, unlike her college friends who’d all gotten married in over-the-top designer gowns dripping with satin and Swarovski crystals, and who had topped their ceremonies off with meticulously planned receptions in ballrooms with coordinated color schemes and matching forks for the seven-course meals.

She’d always walked her own path through life, and she had believed for years that she would get married in the middle of a fairy ring in a redwood forest, with the sun beaming down on the winter woods, surrounded by the glory of nature.

She’d given up her fairy forest dreams for a kitschy Vegas wedding chapel, but now even that was out of reach….

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