A very inconvenient corpse!

Maggie and her collie Jasper are searching a dead man’s house when something comes barrelling out of the darkness and knocks her down. She’s lucky her friend, movie star Reese Stevens, insisted on coming along on the investigation:

“Are you okay?”

Reese was pulling Maggie to her feet in the darkness.

“Something hit me,” she mumbled, feeling for her chest, where the wind had been knocked out of her.

“But you’re not hurt?” he asked quickly.

“No. Not hurt.”

He was only a silhouette in the shadows of the empty house.

Maggie realized Jasper’s bark was coming from far away. “Where is he?”

“Who?” Reese asked, still holding her arm to support her.

But she wiggled away from him. “Jasper!” The dog’s bark was coming from the back of the house. She could hear the echo of it off the hardscape in the yard. “We have to stop him, Reese! He’s chasing the killer!”

“Stay here,” Reese said firmly….

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