First look at Maggie and the Hidden Homicide, available for pre-order now:

Maggie faces her most confusing case yet when she finds a treasured beaded knife–in someone’s back! Can she figure out what happened before anyone else ends up dead? And when her buddy, movie star Reese Stevens, tries to make a fresh start after falling off the wagon, can Maggie keep him from going off-track?

You can learn more about Maggie and the Hidden Homicide here.

And here’s your first sneak peek. (Poor Maggie; it looks like she’s in trouble again!):

Maggie thought she could see something on the floor inside. Leave, her mind told her. Leave this place. You don’t want to see.

She closed her eyes, and felt along the wall of the trailer for a light switch. Found it. Heard it click on.

She stood there for what must have been a solid minute, with the light on and her eyes closed, not wanting to see.

The breeze pushed the door against her back and made her open her eyes, startled. And then there was no unseeing what was in the room.

Her instinct had been right. And wrong. Relief and horror battled in her mind, and all she wanted to do was get out of there. The person she was searching for wasn’t there.

But someone else was.

She could turn around. She could walk away. She could go back to the party and try to forget the image that had been instantly and forever etched into her brain when she’d opened her eyes.

But of course she couldn’t. She took a step into the room, then stopped, realizing there was evidence all over the floor and she had to stay back to preserve it.

Evidence of murder….