Under the boardwalk, down by the sea…

A job at an oceanfront amusement park had seemed like a fun way to spend the summer, but after her friend disappears, Hallie Reed begins to wonder if working in a haunted house is such a good idea:

Hallie’s scream echoed the ride’s sound effects as she felt a pair of powerful arms pull her back and off her feet.

She felt an instinctive terror coupled with disbelief. Attacked by a monster in a haunted house? This couldn’t be happening.

But this wasn’t one of the animated figures that sprang to life every time patrons passed by. This was a purely human monster, the kind she knew too well. She felt his breath warm on her neck, and heard him grunt with exertion as he struggled to get control of her flailing arms and legs.

She reached up behind her and scratched at where his face would be….

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