Maggie and the Hidden Homicide is available today!


In this latest murder mystery, Maggie is sure the police are on the wrong track again. So of course she starts investigating on her own, and soon ends up smack in the middle of the case:

Just before midnight, Maggie knocked on Casablanca’s big front door.

Reese came to the door shirtless and in jeans, and she found herself doing the thing she usually did when she was stressed out: falling into his arms for a reassuring hug.

He held her close and patted her back and said, “what is it? what’s wrong?”

She pulled away when she got herself under control and explained that she was heading out to an abandoned building in the middle of the night to meet a suspected murderer.

He took the news reasonably well.

“Are you out of your mind?!” he shouted….

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