Reading Order

I’ve been asked about the reading order for the Pajaro Bay stories, so here are my thoughts:

The novels can be read in any order, but there are little details that show the passage of time. So if you want to read them chronologically to see how all the many characters grow over the course of the series, you can read them in numerical order.

If you want to read the short stories within the chronological order (shorts are available exclusively to newsletter subscribers, so sign up HERE to get them), they would go like this:

#1 Honeymoon Cottage
(Home Improvement goes here)
#2 Boardwalk Cottage
(My Funny Valentine goes here)
#3 Lighthouse Cottage
(A Christmas Miracle in Pajaro Bay goes here)
(Halloween Hullabaloo goes here)
#4 Little Fox Cottage
(A Winter Wedding in Pajaro Bay goes here)
#5 Rum Cake Cottage
(Beach Blanket Bijou goes here)
#6 Songbird Cottage