How about six mini vacations to a beach town where the cottages are cute, the people are kindhearted, and there’s always a happy ending?

Barb’s Minis contains six complete standalone short stories from the world of Pajaro Bay. It’s exclusively available to newsletter subscribers. Sign up today to get the book instantly here.

Beach Blanket Bijou:

Handsome pet expert Dr. Quinn never thought of himself as a detective. But his newest student, a tiny Pomeranian with a big attitude, is hiding a secret that could get Quinn killed if he doesn’t solve the mystery of Beach Blanket Bijou.

Beach Blanket Bijou is one of the stories available exclusively to newsletter subscribers. New subscribers to my email list receive the collection instantly when they sign up here.

Just what the doctor ordered…

Chef Bree Taylor arrives in the charming little town of Pajaro Bay for a friend’s funeral, and immediately runs into Dr. Nico Silva, a local emergency physician who just might be the cure for what ails her:

“Do you need help?” asked a deep voice with just the slightest hint of an accent.

She looked up from her phone.

The man wore a gray polo shirt and charcoal Dockers. His hair was black, a bit shaggy, and ruffled slightly in the ocean breeze. He appeared to be watching her with amusement. Dark-tanned skin, an aquiline nose, and prominent cheekbones in a lean but handsome face made her forget what she was doing.

“Yes,” she finally said, wondering why her voice sounded so breathless.

He bent down to lean in the car window. “How can I help?”

Kiss me, she thought, shocked by her own subconscious. But kind of pleased, she had to confess. It was the first cheerful thought she’d had in days, even if it was an inappropriate one. She noticed that his eyes were as intoxicatingly rich as the finest bittersweet chocolate. Yum. She grinned at him. “I’m lost.”

“Yeah,” he said blandly. “I sensed that from the way you’re parked sideways in the middle of Main Street…”

You can learn more about Little Fox Cottage here.

This young widow needs a little Home Improvement:

Kim Bishop married her soul mate. Then he died. Now she’s a 27-year-old widow with a broken-down cottage, a bunch of crazy friends—and a big hole in her heart. But when she goes looking for a little home improvement, she might find that a second chance at love is right under her nose.

If you’ve read Honeymoon Cottage, you’ll want to read this story to see how Camilla and Robin are doing shortly after the end of that novel. If you haven’t read Honeymoon Cottage yet (and why not? It’s free!), this is a good introduction to the world of Pajaro Bay.

Home Improvement is one of the stories available exclusively to newsletter subscribers. New subscribers to my email list receive the collection instantly when they sign up here.

Thank you for embracing the new Carita Cove romantic mystery, Maggie and the Hidden Homicide. I’m glad you’re liking it. Here’s the latest sneak peek. Maggie’s on the hunt for clues to the latest homicide, and her handsome buddy Reese is not buying her innocent act for a minute:

“Explain to me again why we’re doing this,” Reese said. He had his back to her, and wore black trousers with creases so sharp they could cut you, topped with his favorite black Hugo Boss cotton blazer. “I hate these stuffy charity things. Why can’t I just mail them a check?”

He turned around, and they both gasped.”You like?” he asked with a smile.

“You know I love purple,” she said. A silk shirt peeked out from his open jacket, offering a tantalizing hint of the muscular chest beneath. The shirt was the color of a ripe plum, velvety and lush. It set off the deep cobalt blue of his eyes and the rich gold of his hair. He looked very sleek and fashion-conscious, every inch the handsome celebrity, even with the wild beard. “You look great.”

“You’re not looking so bad yourself,” he said with a smirk. He was checking out her gold Naeem Khan cocktail dress with an appreciative air. “I forgot how good you are at playing dress-up.”

“Yeah, I had ten years of experience as a dutiful trophy wife whose only purpose was to stand around being pretty.” She patted her stomach. “Even if I’m a couple sizes larger now.” She turned in the dress, letting the layers of glittering fringe flow around her. “Not bad, huh?”

“Not bad at all, Magdalena.” He took her hand and twirled her around, dancing to the tune of the ocean waves outside. “Why don’t we stay home and make some beautiful music together?” he whispered in her ear.

She pulled back. “Nope.” She broke away from him and shut the door, locking out the ocean sound. “We need to go to this party.”

He narrowed his eyes at her suspiciously. “Why? What are you up to?”

Maggie’s up to something. Find out what now: