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I have been wanting to tell Robin Brenham’s story for a long time. Robin, the owner of Robin’s Nest Realty, was the first person to befriend Camilla in the Honeymoon Cottage, and she appears in almost every novel. I am so excited to finally share her book with you.

In Songbird Cottage, there’s a mystery with a twist, a very sweet romance between two people who are just made for each other, and we learn something surprising about the history of Pajaro Bay itself. We get our usual appearances by town favorites like Zelda Potter, Hector Peña, and Camilla Stewart-Knight, as well as having a chance to visit landmarks like Santos’ Market and Wharf Flats–not to mention the cottage of the title, which is unlike any we’ve seen before.

It’s all wrapped up with one of the most fairytale endings I’ve written so far, and since I’m known for mushy endings, that’s saying something!

Learn more at http://books2read.com/SongbirdCottage

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If you haven’t checked out my books in a while, you might notice a little something different….

Yup, most of the novel titles have changed. I got the idea to make the titles “match” when I was trying to come up with the title for my newest upcoming book. I couldn’t get the title Songbird Cottage out of my head, and it inspired me to make all the novel titles relate to the cottages where they take place. I love the new names, and I hope you do, too. And I have so many more stories to tell you, starting with the aforementioned Songbird Cottage, coming late this month, and the one after that, Riverstone Cottage, which stars one of Matt DiPietro’s fellow agents from the secretive spy agency, The Project. So those are coming soon.

(Oops. An update on Riverstone Cottage: I have put Riverstone aside for a bit, since it takes place in the world of politics, and there’s nothing warm and fuzzy about that world at the moment. So the next book to be released will be Sunshine Cottage. I love the characters in Sunshine Cottage, and am really hoping you will love them and root for their happiness, too. Stay tuned for updates on that book soon.)

In the meantime, feel free to drop me a line. Even though I’m holed up in my own little cottage working hard, I always love to hear from readers. Click on the Contact link above to get in touch with me.


I hope you’re having a great summer. The weather here is lovely, but I’m already thinking ahead to autumn (that’s what happens when you write books far in advance of their release dates–you lose track of what season you’re in!).

I just wanted to give you a quick reminder that Rum Cake Cottage, the latest Pajaro Bay Mystery, is available in an affordable paperback edition.

I love the characters of “Rum Cake” so much; I’ve always had a soft spot for newspaper editor Alec O’Keeffe, who has appeared in just about every Pajaro Bay book and short story. Now, finally, we get to learn where he comes from and can follow along as he gets to his own happily ever after!

You can learn more HERE if you’re interested.

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