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A handsome movie star in her kitchen, and a dead body in the swimming pool. Just your typical Monday morning.

Maggie McJasper is starting over in a little California beach town. She has a bead shop, a nice circle of friends, and a handsome movie star who keeps flirting with her. Life would be pretty great if she could just stop stumbling over dead bodies….
Do you like dogs, crafts, quirky friends, a slow-building romance between grownups who genuinely like each other, and a twisty little mystery with red herrings galore? Then this is for you.

The Maggie & Jasper Capers are fun and flirty cozies, with no swearing or love scenes, and no gruesome violence to keep you up at night.

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A lonely widow and widower are brought together by a twenty-year-old mystery.

When she was young, Lacy Jasperson had been horribly hurt by an unknown assailant. In the years since, she’s found healing in the little beach town of Pajaro Bay. Now she’s alone, a widow living in a lovely little cottage by the sea, trying to make peace with her grief and loss, and move forward.

But when a private detective comes to town, digging up the past and forcing her to face what she’s kept so long hidden, she realizes she can’t move forward until she finally deals with the trauma that drove her to the village all those years ago.

Rico Gallagher sees the same grief in Lacy’s eyes that he feels in his own heart. She’s lost someone just like he has. He can’t imagine he’ll ever find peace again, but when he’s forced to spend time with the lonely widow, he feels a healing he’s never felt before.

Can they figure out the truth about what happened all those years ago? Can they heal from their losses and find love again? Can they bring peace, not just to themselves, but to someone else whose loss is even greater than their own?

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Happy Holidays!

This has been a rough year for us all. As I do each year, I donated 10% of the net earnings from my writing to charity. In 2020 I focused mainly on small, grassroots groups that helped the hungry, the homeless, and at-risk youth.

Thanks as always for buying my books and giving me the chance to do this small bit to help.

You can see the current list of charities here.