Bijou’s Big Mystery in Pajaro Bay is free today. In this short story from the world of Pajaro Bay, little Bijou has a secret–and it might get his owner killed if she can’t figure it out! Learn more here.

FREE from January 12 – January 16, 2023.

The Pajaro Bay books are now in Kindle Unlimited. If you’ve been waiting until the books are in KU, now is the time to read the series. You can start with Little Fox Cottage:

Chef Bree Taylor falls in love with Pajaro Bay when she brings her late friend’s dog to the charming coastal village to meet its new owner. But she soon finds that the town holds some dangerous secrets, and to save her new friends she must solve the mystery of the Little Fox Cottage.
Nico Silva is an army veteran doctor with problems of his own. He has no interest in getting involved in something that’s none of his business. But the sweet young woman with the sad-eyed dog won’t take no for an answer, and he soon finds himself drawn into the mystery. Something’s wrong in the village, and he has to help her find out what it is. He’s just not sure he’ll get out of this with his heart intact.

Get Little Fox Cottage now.

(And if you’ve never tried Kindle Unlimited, you can click HERE to learn more and get a free trial.)

Happy Holidays!

As I do each year, I donated 10% of the net earnings from my writing to charity. In 2022 I focused mainly on small, grassroots groups that helped the hungry, the homeless, and at-risk youth.

Thanks as always for buying my books and giving me the chance to do this small bit to help.

You can see the current list of charities here.