NEW RELEASE! I have a fun, escapist book to share with you today. Maggie and the Rattled Rake continues the story of Maggie McJasper and Reese Stevens as they try to keep their heads on straight in Carita Cove, the Playground of the Stars on the California Coast.

If you haven’t read the earlier Carita Cove books, I recommend you start from the beginning with this series, since it follows the adventures of the same characters throughout. Luckily, the first story in the series is free today, so you can get a taste of Carita Cove and see if it’s for you. You can start the series now for free at

If you’ve already caught up with our heroes, you can head right over to Maggie and the Rattled Rake (, where Maggie finds herself in the unenviable position of trying to broker a peace treaty between Reese and his teenaged son—while at the same time trying to figure out why her friend Nora is being charged with the attempted murder of her boy toy husband. Poor Maggie has her hands full, but I guarantee this one, like the others, will all work out in the end when Maggie uses her observational skills to figure out what’s really going on and save the day.

If you haven’t started Carita Cove yet, now is the perfect time to escape with this fun romantic mystery series. Follow the adventures of a boho craft shop owner and her movie star boyfriend as they try to keep their heads on straight in Carita Cove, the glamorous “playground of the stars” on the California Coast. The short intro story, Maggie and the Black-Tie Affair, is free now.

Happy Holidays!

This has been a rough year for us all. As I do each year, I donated 10% of the net earnings from my writing to charity. In 2020 I focused mainly on small, grassroots groups that helped the hungry, the homeless, and at-risk youth.

Thanks as always for buying my books and giving me the chance to do this small bit to help.

You can see the current list of charities here.


Have you had a chance to read Rum Cake Cottage yet? If not, here’s your chance to pick up this heartwarming, feel-good book about forgiveness and second chances. This Pajaro Bay story is one of my favorites, and it is discounted for the very first time to only 99 cents.

The sale runs from October 22 to November 5, so don’t miss it!

Pajaro Bay’s hunky surfing Santa is perfectly dressed for a coastal Christmas in his mirrored shades and cut-off jeans. But when he spots the woman who once broke his heart in the holiday crowd, his holiday spirit takes a nosedive.
Roxy isn’t in a Christmas mood either. She spent ten years in prison for a crime she didn’t commit, and now she’s got just seventy-two hours to find the real killer, or she’ll lose her daughter forever. But how can she convince her baby’s father to help her, when he thinks she’s nothing but trouble?

You can learn more about Rum Cake Cottage here.

In the newest Carita Cove book, Maggie’s personal life is looking up, thanks to her blossoming romance with Reese. But she still can’t stay out of trouble. This time she discovers the body of a terrible man everyone hated, and has to figure out not only who the real killer is, but how on earth they did it:

Maggie got out her phone to call her friend on the police force and tell him that she had found the famous screenwriter Benny Peters, and that he had committed suicide all alone in a locked house overlooking the sea.
But then she realized what she’d missed.
Benny was alone in a room with the windows closed and locked, and the door closed and locked, and his body slumped over his desk where it had fallen when the bullet had gone through his temple and silenced his busy mind forever, and his hand curled on the desktop like he had been clutching something when he’d died.
But there was no gun.
No gun in that clenched hand.
No gun on the floor beneath the desk.
No gun anywhere in the room.
She speed-dialed the phone.
Lieutenant Ibarra picked up. “What did you do now, Maggie?” he growled into the phone, just as if she’d interrupted him on a Sunday afternoon in the middle of watching his favorite baseball team.
“Ibarra,” she said, “I’d like to report a murder.”

You can learn more about Maggie and the Serpentine Script here.