(Please note that listing these charities does not imply that they endorse my books. They simply receive donations from sales.)

2019 donations are done!

Thank you so much for buying my books and making this possible.

Donations have now been made for all royalties received from 2012 (when I published my very first book) through the end of 2019.

I want to say THANK YOU to all my readers for supporting these groups through your purchase of my stories.

How it works: I donate 10% of all net royalties to charity. Each charity’s focus relates to a topic in one of my books (Castro Adobe for Boardwalk Cottage‘s Californio family, or Peace of Mind Dog Rescue for Little Fox Cottage‘s orphaned pup, for example).

(In 2018 I gave to a bunch of charities not listed here as well, because of all the fires and other crises taking place during the year. I tried to give something to a group in need every month, instead of just waiting to do all donations when I added up the total income at the end of the year. I continued to use that method in 2019 as well, because it allowed me to immediately donate when there was an urgent need.)

Here are some of the charities currently receiving donations:

Monarch Services/Women’s Crisis Support (helping stop abuse)
Rancho Cielo Youth Services (helping youth succeed in life)
Castro Adobe Restoration Project (helping children learn about local history)
CASA of Santa Cruz (helping kids in the court system)
Care Bags Foundation (helping children worldwide)
Case For Kids (helping foster children)
Peace of Mind Dog Rescue (helping dogs left behind)

These larger charities also received donations in prior years (I now try to focus on the smaller, local charites where a small donation can make a big difference):

Second Harvest Food Bank (2012-2016)
Foster Care 2 Success (2012-2016)
Volunteers of America Northern California Chapter (2012-2015)
CURE Epilepsy (2014-2016)
National Fibromylagia Research Association (no longer active)

I’ll continue to keep you updated on the progress. Thank you again for making this possible.

~ Barb