(Please note that listing these charities does not imply that they endorse my books. They simply receive donations from sales.)

2020 donations are done!

This has been a rough year for us all. As I do each year, I donated 10% of the net earnings from my writing to charity. In 2020 I focused mainly on small, grassroots groups that helped the hungry, the homeless, and at-risk youth.

Thanks as always for buying my books and giving me the chance to do this small bit to help.

Charities supported throughout this year include:

CASA of Santa Cruz
Castro Adobe Restoration Project
Golden Oldies Cat Rescue
Monarch Services
NorCal Resist
Pajaro Valley Loaves and Fishes
Pajaro Valley Shelter Services
Rancho Cielo
Sojourners Rick Steves Voting fund
Watsonville Wetlands Watch

These larger charities also received donations in prior years (I now try to focus on the smaller, local charites where a small donation can make a big difference):

Second Harvest Food Bank (2012-2016)
Foster Care 2 Success (2012-2016)
Volunteers of America Northern California Chapter (2012-2015)
CURE Epilepsy (2014-2016)
National Fibromylagia Research Association (no longer active)

I’ll continue to keep you updated on the progress. Thank you again for making this possible.

~ Barb