Little Fox Cottage

Aspiring chef Bree Taylor thought she’d found a home at last, in the kitchen of Lassiter’s restaurant. Chef Henry Lassiter was not only her mentor, but a dear friend who regaled her with stories of his childhood home in Pajaro Bay. Henry’s sudden death shattered her world, leaving her as lost and grieving as his beloved old dog, Maisy. Now Bree has only one last task to complete for Henry: she will deliver the dog to Henry’s twin sister in Pajaro Bay. Then she can move on, and find some way to start over, as alone and adrift as ever.

But what she finds when she arrives is not the happy, cozy little village Henry had described, but a town full of mysteries she can’t understand, from his sister’s odd behavior, to the handsome doctor with eyes as rich as bittersweet chocolate who can’t seem to decide if he is attracted to her–or just wants her to leave him alone.

In the end, she’ll have to use everything Henry taught her, about faith and trust and believing in herself, to find a new path, with new friends, a new community, and the happily ever after Henry had always promised was waiting for her, whenever she was ready to take a chance.

Get away to the little California beach town where the cottages are cute, the neighbors are nosy, and it’s always possible to find your personal Happily Ever After. The Pajaro Bay novels can be read in any order. Collect them all.

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