Lark’s Quest

Lark’s Quest is an epic romantic fantasy novel about the lost prince of the Silver Isle, and the outcast girl warrior who must find him and return him to his rightful place on the throne.

“I was wrong,” he said. “A Griffin heir must tell the truth. Not because he is better, or wiser, or chosen by the gods. But because someone must tell the truth, to serve as the voice of reason against just this sort of insanity. It is necessary. And it is my fate.”

He swallowed hard, then said the words he had denied for ten years. “I am Raven yr Griffin, King of the Silver Isle, and Holder of the Shepherd’s Sapphire Scepter.”

“But they will kill you,” Lark said.

He nodded. “Probably. People die every day. But I will not die quietly. Will you stand beside me, Lark?”

She smiled. “I have my role, too, My Prince. I will stand beside you.”

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